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Several years ago, Viktoria and Jasmina met at Cirque du Soleil. Both immigrants from Bulgaria, their friendship sparked for their passion of design. Having collaborated together for five years to the success of the worldwide enterprise, both women decided to continue their journey together and gave rise to STYLE NOSSIA.

Upon completing her employment at Cirque du Soleil, Viktoria, a Fashion Designer graduate from LaSalle College, took to freelance work to further develop her skills. Her passion for mathematics coupled with a degree in Computerized Engineering, flared her career as pattern-maker.

Offering her services to the fashion industry from private labels to Montreal designers, she recognized her potential to one day own her own private label. And who did she consider as the ideal partner? Her long-time friend at Cirque du Soleil, Jasmina.

Jasmina, whom for over 20 years applied herself to the confection of garments, paying close attention to detail, developed a passion for sewing. Her comprehension of style and design and her love for the fashion industry, quickly became assets to the development cycle of a garment.

Offering her services as sample-maker to the Montreal designers, she too became intoxicated with pattern making. Able to manually cut a garment from pattern, she quickly visualizes the stitching process required to structure the garment in a such a way that the end product is created flawlessly.

The marriage between these two exceptional women, sharing a common interest and goal in the fashion design industry, gave rise to STYLE NOSSIA.